Parties, Presents, and Pastries!

It seems like no matter what dinner or party I go to, there are people on both sides of the clean, healthy food issue...those who won't eat anything but clean and those who couldn't care less what they eat as long as it tastes good - and usually those somewhere in the middle!

Sandy's Comfort Food Bundle...AND some exciting news!

What a gorgeous fall we've had so far!  The unseasonably warm temps have definitely helped our grass stockpiling for the winter.  It's changing though...time to prep for colder weather - and stock up on supplies and  comfort foods.  Don't you just love coming home to the aroma of dinner in the oven (or crock pot)? Slow roasted meats, hearty soups and stews, and of course, who can resist sausage gravy! Whether it's roast beef with potatoes/carrots/onions, or pork with a BBQ sauce, or lemon-pepper chicken...whatever your flavor is - the "dinner's ready!" fragrance says HOME.Comfort Food Bundle - $2 off the already discounted price (and get free recipes from our kitchen!)Chuck roast - 2 1/2 - 3 lb.Whole chicken - 4 1/2 - 5 lb.Ground beef - 2 1-lb packages.Stew beef - 1 lb.Pork sausage - 1 lb.Recipes!Flat fee:  $56.Also, all our roast products (beef and pork) are 10% off the regular price. Chuck roast - $6.75/lbBoneless chuck roast - $7/lbRump roast - $6.50/lbTip roast - $6.50/lbPork shoulder roast - $7.40/lbPork picnic roast - $7/lbStock up and save so you can savor the flavor and nourishment of comfort food on those cold winter days .It's time to order Holiday Turkeys!  We'll be processing turkeys in a few weeks, and most of the extra ones will be cut up and/or made into ground be sure to get yours ordered. Turkeys can be picked up at our farm, at the Frostville Farmers' Market in North's the exciting news.....Just in time for Thanksgiving, We'll be set up to ship our products within the state of Ohio!  If you don't have easy access to our farm or the farmers market (or even if you do!) you will be able to enjoy the convenience of having truly local, healthy and humanely raised meats delivered to your door.Happy harvest time!Sandy

Can You Believe it?!

Can you believe summer is half over already?! It's time to think "back to school"... I don't even have kids in school any more, and I'm not ready for it!