Our challenges this maple season

February 23, 2021

It seems that every year presents us with different challenges when it comes to the sugaring process. Even seasoned maple producers will say that about the time you think you have it figured out, there will be a year that's different. It's like maple syrup has a mind of its own! Maybe the weather will throw a curve ball. Or the squirrels will chew on the tubing lines. One year we had trouble with a vacuum pump..

There is usually a lot of prep work that happens in the woods...branch cleanup, tubing repairs, etc. This year the snow has made that process more difficult. Have you ever tried walking uphill in 6 inches of slippery snow?! That'll give you a workout - no need for a gym!

The snow is causing another issue - we have yet to connect the chimney pipe in the new sugar house because the metal roof is too slippery and dangerous. Today the snow is melting, but there's more in the forecast!!

Another challenge this year was finding jars for our syrup. Since covid hit, apparently more people are doing home canning. Because they want to eat healthier? Because they have more time? Who knows?!

Anyway, we're coming down to "crunch time"...hopefully it will all come together this week!

Sandra Ressler

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