honest food,

raised simply


we do things a certain way

We believe food should be grown as naturally as possible. All created things – especially plants and animals raised for food – should be handled responsibly and respectfully. It may not be the fast way, but we like to think it's the better way.

Our cattle, pork, chickens and turkeys are steroid-free and hormone-free. Our beef is 100% grass fed / grass finished and our pastured, free-range chickens and turkeys are raised in open-air shelters. All animals are GMO free. Chickens, turkeys, and hogs are given a certified non-GMO feed to supplement their foraging.

All of our products are nitrite- and nitrate-free, MSG-free, and gluten-free

This natural process is not as easy as modern methods, but we believe it yields a premium product. There’s nothing as delicious as honest-to-goodness organic food.