How We're Handling Inflation

October 20, 2021

Yes, we all know inflation is happening on many fronts. Not long ago, the price of gas was around $2, but yesterday I paid $3.26! Our grocery dollars don't go as far as they used to. And the cost of lumber has gone through the roof.

The Summary Findings for Food Price Outlook from the USDA Economic Research Service says that wholesale beef and pork are predicted to increase 17-20 percent in 2021.

So how does this affect our farm? And what are we doing about it, ? Because we value our relationship with our customers, we want to be transparent and keep you "in the loop".

One may think that since we feed grass, our costs don't go up. However, in the winter we feed hay...some of which we make in the spring when grass is plentiful, and store it for later, but we also usually end up buying some hay. We also feed barley greens from our sprouting unit, and the cost of barley seed has risen. (You can read about our sprouting operation here.) Calf prices have also gone up, due in part, to increases in feed cost for conventionally raised cattle.

One of our largest costs is the non-GMO feed for our pigs and chickens. We've seen spikes as high as 20% in this non-GMO grain. Also, butchering and associated costs have continued to much as 10-12% on some items. We have attempted to wait it out and absorb much of these cost increases, but they don't appear to be coming back down any time soon.

So, What's our Plan?

#1. Price Freeze. It's important to us to keep you informed so you can navigate these increases with us. We are committed to freezing all prices for the next 30 days as a courtesy to help you stock-up on your favorite items or items you use the most. After November 20, we are committed to keeping our price increases as minimal as we can, and not all items on our list will be affected.

#2. Bundles and Bulk Beef. For the time being, we'll keep our bundle prices the same, so you can still take advantage of current prices by buying in bulk. For custom-cut beef, we have steers going to the butcher tomorrow (October 20) and we have some whole and half beef available (let us know ASAP - this week - if interested!) Our next beef butcher date is November 17. After that, custom-cut beef will not be available again until February. (But our freezers are well-stocked!)

If a whole or half is too much for your freezer, we have an Eighth Beef Bundle available, and we've added a Quarter Beef Bundle to the menu.

We know that most companies don't bother communicating price increases to their customers, but we want to be different! Thank you for supporting our efforts to provide better food for local families. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Sandra Ressler

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