When the herd visits the neighbors...

May 31, 2021

Last week one morning, Ken was drinking his coffee and watching the cows
in the pasture behind the house.  A half hour later, he got a phone
call saying that they were at the neighbor’s, three quarters of a mile
away.  Uh-oh…what?!?!

So he went out to the pasture, and sure enough, a tree had fallen and
knocked down a fence.  He followed their trail through a neighbor’s
field, across the road, and all the way to the farm on the other side of
our country block….all 60ish of them!  He called me to come pick him
up, thinking he’d have to trailer them home (8-10 at a
time…we-don’t-have-time-for-this-today!), so I headed over there.

The other farmer had penned them in a small pasture, and when the cows
saw Ken, they came toward him.  So he decided to try something…he told
me to stop traffic, he opened the gate, and started calling them like he
does when taking them to new pasture.  Down the lane, across the road,
through the other neighbor’s field, and back to our farm – they followed
him all the way home.  I parked my car and followed from behind to make
sure there weren’t any stragglers.  Phew…that could have been worse!!

As Ken says, "That's farmin'!"

Sandra Ressler

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