"Bacon Ends"

December 8, 2021

Do you hate the taste of imitation bacon bits as much as I do?! Do you love the addition of bacon flavor to soups, salads, casseroles, scrambled eggs, and more...but don't like the price tag of REAL bacon bits? Make your own!!

A slab of bacon is not perfectly square on the ends, so when it's sliced there are leftover bits of slices and chunks of various shapes and sizes...bacon ends. These are great for making your own bacon bits. Simply slice/dice as fine as you want, fry them up, drain, and use or refrigerate in a covered container. Way tastier than those imitation ones you can get at the grocery store! Healthier, too.

AND...you can save the bacon fat to use for frying (eggs, potatoes, veggies) and flavoring (green beans, soups, etc.). Many diets these days promote eating plenty of healthy fats. Pastured pork fat qualifies! Did you know that pastured pork is a source of good cholesterol and good fats, not to mention it's rich in Vitamins D and E, and minerals such a selenium, and many other nutrients. Plus it's heat stable...unlike most vegetable oils.

Bacon ends are an economical way to enjoy that nonGMO-fed, pasture-raised, nitrate-free, bacon flavor in your favorite dishes!

Sandra Ressler

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