Guest House, Part 1

written by

Sandra Ressler

posted on

May 16, 2023

We're launching a new project...and I
can't wait any longer to share it with you!  I thought about saying that
I'll share it soon...but then first give you some farm history and
background for what we're doing...and spread the story out over a couple
weeks before I reveal the project. LOL.

But I'm too excited to hold off that long!  I'll still give you the farm
story over the next few weeks...but here's the big reveal:  We've purchased and are renovating a guest house!!


This property is part of the original Home Farm.  Some of the details
are a bit sketchy...but follow along as we revisit some of the basic
farm history, and how we ended up with this project, as well as a few
interesting anecdotes from the past...  I have found it quite

It all started when Ken's great, great grandpa, Daniel Eberly, purchased
80 acres on the southwest corner of Burkhart and Dalton Fox Lake Roads
in 1893.  There were no buildings, and he lived elsewhere with his
family (seven sons).  Somewhere along the line (early 1900's?) the
property was purchased by/deeded to his son, Daniel H. Eberly.

Daniel H. built a house and barn and dug a well.  The story, as told by Ken's Aunt Ruth, is that...

"his brother helped (dig the well); they drilled a hole: he went down on
a rope to light a dynamite stick; pulled him up before it went off. 
Down he went with a bucket to clean out the debris.  Set another stick
and pulled him up again, until they got water."

Can you imagine!?!

Also I'm told this was one of the first farms to have electricity and a
telephone "because grandma wanted it" and grandpa knew how to put it
in.  The first phone call was to the doctor to deliver their youngest
daughter, Ella.

In 1926, Ella married John Ressler, and they joined the farm.

To be continued next week...with an interesting depression-era story!

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