Maple syrup taste-test results

written by

Sandra Ressler

posted on

April 5, 2022

Here at Elm Run Farms we have a reputation for having great maple
syrup.  I often say that I wish I had a dollar for every time we heard
something like "Wow, that's some of the best maple syrup I've ever
tasted!"  I'd have a lot of dollars!!

You probably already know that maple syrup can range in color from very
light to very dark.  There are many variables that affect the color, but
it tends to start out lighter at the beginning of the season and get
darker as the season goes on.  This year we made some of the lightest
syrup we've ever made.

Last Saturday, we decided to do a taste test at the market to see which
one folks liked better - the light or the dark.  Light maple syrup is
very sweet, with almost a vanilla-like flavor,  while the dark syrup has
a more robust maple flavor.  At the end of the day...the dark syrup won
with almost three times more votes.  However...many people didn't
actually vote because they couldn't decide which one they liked better!

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