How to make bone broth/soup from turkey wings

written by

Sandra Ressler

posted on

January 16, 2023

Turkey noodle soup...doesn't that just SOUND nourishing and comforting?!

It's easy to make your own broth, using economical turkey wings, and your house will smell amazing!

Here's how:

You'll want to first roast the wings...this helps to give your broth that delicious, deep, roasted flavor. Place the wings on a cookie sheet (use parchment paper for easier clean up).

Bake at 350 for about an hour (I got busy and left these in almost 2 hours, so they're a little extra crispy, but they're fine).

Using tongs, transfer the wings to a stockpot, Dutch oven or any baking dish with a lid. Add enough water to cover the wings, and add salt and your favorite turkey seasonings (I like to use basil, onion powder, and poultry seasoning or sage). Cover the pot and bake at 250.

After about 2 hours, remove the pot from the oven. At this point, the turkey meat is cooked and you can easily remove the meat from the bones. If you continue cooking too long, the meat loses flavor (the flavor goes into the broth!) Transfer the wings to a plate or platter and let them cool slightly.

When the wings are cool enough to handle, separate the meat from the bones. I got almost 3 cups of meat from 4 turkey wings. You can refrigerate the meat and add the skin and bones back into the broth and continue cooking for a couple more hours if you'd like, to get all the flavor and nutrients from them. The meat can be added back into the broth later to make soup, or it can be used for other dishes...casseroles, salads, etc.

After about 2 more hours, remove the pot from the oven and carefully pour the broth and bones through a colander into another bowl. Discard the skin and bones, and there you have it...gorgeous, rich, beautiful bone broth! This broth will be fairly concentrated, so you can add some water when you make the soup if you'd like.

Now you can put the broth (and the meat, if desired) back into the stockpot or Dutch oven, add noodles, rice, veggies or whatever you like (add in order of cooking time required - longest cooking items first) and continue cooking until done.

My kids still say this turkey-noodle soup reminds them of grandma's house 30+ years ago!

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