How important is the "organic" label?

May 24, 2021

So what about "organic"?  What does that mean?  Is it important? 
Somehow this term evokes images similar to the others we've
discussed...that of chickens roaming in grass.  Regulations require that
to be labeled organic, chickens must be fed organic feed, receive no
antibiotics, and have access to the outdoors.  And as also previously
discussed, "access to the outdoors" is very broad - it could simply mean
a relatively small area compared to the number of chickens.

The bottom line is that organic chickens can still live in crowded pens
and other inhumane conditions.  At Elm Run Farms, our chickens are not certified
organic, (which raises the cost!), but they're raised in much healthier
conditions than many birds that are labeled organic.  And because
they're in a better environment, there's no need for antibiotics.  Know
your farmer!!

Sandra Ressler

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