First Post - Thank you

written by

Caleb Bull

posted on

July 18, 2013

Welcome to Elm Run Farms! It only took 120 years, but we finally have a web site. Bringing an old farm into the modern age is no small task, and we’d love to thank some of the people who have helped us get here. We consider ourselves fortunate to have had Garrett Haas craft our logo and branding. Garrett is a Cleveland native who specializes in design and illustration. The wonderful and talented Bethany Joy Ream snapped the beautiful photographs you see throughout the site. Bethany is a local freelance photographer who specializes in natural light photography. While open to most opportunities (including snapping pictures of livestock), she does amazing work photographing children, families, graduating seniors, couples and weddings. John Shenberger helped translate random adverbs and pronouns and prepositional phrases into the well-crafted and intelligent-sounding sentences you’re reading now. We’d also like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the family and friends who have served as sounding boards and support mechanisms over the recent months. We so appreciate all of your positive feedback and early morning / cozy afternoon / late night conversations.

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