Best Way to Prepare Beef Short Ribs

written by

Sandra Ressler

posted on

October 4, 2021

For some reason, I didn't grow up eating ribs of any kind.  So when we started raising our own beef, I had to learn how to cook the ribs.  It's not difficult!  You can marinate them ahead of time in your favorite seasonings/sauces if you'd like.  Or you can add flavor when cooking.

My favorite way to prepare short ribs is to grill them for a few minutes on each side.  If they're very thick (sometimes they're almost square) I brown all sides. Then I put them in a baking dish, pour some BBQ sauce (bottled or homemade) over them and bake at 250 for 3-4 hours.  Best short ribs you'll ever have!!


There are 2 main things to remember:

1)  You'll want to brown or sear them in some way.  Browning adds to the flavor and seals in the juices, keeping the meat juicy and tender.  You can do this either by grilling on all sides (preheat the grill so it's good and hot), or by searing in a hot skillet, or you can place them uncovered in a hot (375-400) oven for about 15 minutes.

2)  The other key is to cook them low and slow.  You can continue grilling (don't forget to turn the heat down to low!)  Sorry, I don't have any experience finishing them on the grill, so I don't know how long it takes.  Or in a skillet, add a bit of liquid(water or broth)/sauce/seasoning, lower the heat and simmer for a couple hours.  Or in the oven, reduce heat to 250, add some sauce/seasoning, cover and bake for 3-4 hours.


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