Best Salt for Grass-fed Meats?

July 20, 2022

Does the type of salt used in your food really make a difference? Flavor-wise? Health-wise?

You may be familiar with Himalayan pink salt, which is touted by many as being healthier than regular table salt. Pink salt is minimally processed and has not been stripped of the natural minerals found in the salt, minerals your body needs. Also it does not have the additives that are included in most table salt.

However, Himalayan pink salt can be very pricey!

What many people are not as familiar with is Real Salt. Real Salt is very similar to Himalayan pink salt. It comes from an ancient sea bed in Redmond, Utah. As with pink salt, Real Salt is minimally processed, has not been stripped of the natural minerals, and has no additives. And...being mined in the states, it is much more economical than pink salt, which comes from the other side of the world!

Ken works (in his day job!) as a dairy nutrition consultant, balancing rations for dairy cows. He works with the agricultural side of the Redmond company, selling truckloads of salt for cattle. For a year or so now, we have carried the Real Salt (human grade) in various sized-containers in our farm store. We are also starting to stock some of the related Redmond products like coarse salt, seasoned salts, etc.

We love the flavor of Real Salt, and many of our customers tell us they do, too. We use it exclusively. It is less bitter than regular table salt, and "almost" has a sweet taste. I even sprinkle it in my takes the bitterness out! Real Salt enhances the natural flavor of any food, and is preferred by many cooks. Recently I've noticed quite a few You-Tubers (foodies, preppers, etc.) recommending it.

You can find Real Salt in some grocery stores, and of course in our farm store, on our website, or at our tent at the Frostville Farmers' Market.

Sandra Ressler

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