4 Questions to Ask Your Poultry Producer

May 4, 2021

With all the confusing marketing labels at the grocery stores these days, how is one to know what is the best chicken to buy?! What does "pastured" mean? What's the difference between "pastured" and "free-range"? Is "organic" really important?
We'll talk about some of those labels and terms in the next couple weeks, but for now...if one of your goals is to support local farmers...here are some questions to ask:

Do the birds live on pasture? Having "access" to a small square of ground is not the same as living on the grass.
How often do you move the birds? Ideally they should be moved at least once a day to fresh grass.
What do you feed the birds? Even "organic" does not necessarily guarantee quality feed, especially if the birds are not on fresh grass.
Can I see pictures of your birds? This is one good indicator of how the birds are raised!

The best way to know for sure what you're getting is to know your farmer's first name! And to be able to visit the farm if you so desire.

Sandra Ressler

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