Jennie's Garden - Breakfast Quesadillas

May 17, 2020

Summertime, sunshine, and fun seem to go together. However, the daily activities of working moms and young children can make life hectic. In the rush of coming and going, taking the kids here and there, making time for fun can be a challenge. With a little planning and preparation, it is possible to schedule in some leisure time.

Children grow so fast and it is important to make the most of every opportunity to build memories. Special brunches or picnics in the park may turn out to be special memories later in life. So, here is one little idea for breakfast that may be memorable.

Breakfast Quesadillas

Sauté a little onion in Olive oil or butter, then add 2 eggs that have been stirred with a fork. Cook the eggs on one side, flip, and cook the other side. Season it with Mrs. Dash, Pepper, Himalayan Salt, or maybe a little Chili powder.

While the eggs are cooking, warm a tortilla on a griddle over medium heat. Put a little Olive Oil on the griddle first so the tortilla will get slightly crispy. Sprinkle some shredded cheese on the tortilla so it will melt while warming.

Use a spatula to move the cooked eggs onto the tortilla and cheese. Add more shredded cheese on top of the eggs, then place a second tortilla on top, press it down with the spatula. Carefully flip it over to melt the cheese and when that side is lightly browned, transfer it to a plate.

Cut into wedges, dip in sour cream or salsa, or if you prefer, ranch salad dressing.

> This recipe can be adapted for a Gluten-free option.
> Try a breakfast picnic in the backyard
> Or on the patio
> Or inside on a blanket
> Wear sombreros
> Serve with applesauce, grapes, or tomatoes

Jennie Bull

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