bulk ordering Info

Our poultry is raised on non-GMO feed. Chickens live in a movable shelter to protect them from the elements and are moved to fresh grass daily. Turkeys roam the pasture closest to our house where they are protected by our dogs, Saber and Lulu. We don’t use hormones, steroids, or routine antibiotics.

Our poultry is processed at Pleasant Valley Poultry in Baltic, OH, a local ODA-licensed facility and can be picked up at our farm. All meat is frozen and vacuum packed.

Availability & Pricing

We raise chickens in the spring and summer, adding a batch of chicks every few weeks and butchering throughout the summer and fall. Turkeys are raised in late summer and butchered right before Thanksgiving.

We can take bulk poultry orders for any given year up until the end of July when we order the turkeys and the last batch of chicks.  After all bulk orders are fulfilled, remaining poultry will be sold on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

Bulk orders of $150 or more will receive a 5% discount off our standard pricing. Orders over $300 will receive a 10% discount. A downpayment of $100 is required to pre-order

We'll tally the retail total and deduct 10% for the package price.