How to outsmart a mink (Part 2!)

So much for thinking we were done with the critter!  Using a weed-eater to trim a line in the grass before moving the electric poultry fence slowed down the varmint, but there were still nights when he was able to find his way into the chicken pens.  Plus all that grass-trimming was getting old...there's enough of that to do on the farm already!

Our next option was to get another guard dog.  The one we have in the turkey pasture does a fine job, but she can't be two places at once.  We were able to locate a pair of Pyrenees for a  very reasonable price (the male is part Anatolian Shepherd).  They had been used for guarding sheep, but they are adjusting well and being trained in our pasture with the chickens.  Meet Muffy (on the left) and Maverick!



So far we haven't lost any more chickens.  So there Mr.'ll have to find your dinner elsewhere!

PLUS...based on the activity we've seen, we should have puppies in a couple months!!!


Sandy Ressler