How to outsmart a mink!

Summertime challenges!!

"Evidently, there's an on-going learning curve when it comes to out-smarting predators."

Our latest episode...

The most recent intruder was apparently a mink.  We never actually saw this one, but we've seen them around.  I'll spare you the details, but losing several (sometimes as many as ten or more) chickens every night was becoming discouraging, not to mention expensive!

Layers of electric fence (chicken wire and poultry netting) didn't deter him.  Ken finally realized that the grass was so thick near the ground that there was room for the "critter" to sneak under the fence. 

Now, when we're ready to move the fence, we first use the weed eater to clean a line where the fence will go.  No more dead chickens!!!

There are many challenges to farming naturally and sustainably, trying to regenerate the soil, and allow for a diversity of plants and animals.  However, the rewards are worth it:  healthier animals, the satisfaction of hard work; the joy of creating healthy, nutrient-dense food; and peace of mind knowing that we did it without drugs, chemicals, or added hormones.

Sandy Ressler