How to Cook an Elm Run Farms Ham Roast

The family is coming to your house for Christmas dinner, and you’ve got a gazillion things to do! You want the house to be clean, the decorations to look amazing, and the food to be awesome…not to mention the gifts you need to buy and wrap.

Here at the farm, we often have up to 40 people - extended family - at our house for a holiday dinner. I’m all about not making things too complicated!!

Well, here’s one thing to help take some of the pressure off…an Elm Run Farms Ham Roast is the easiest entrée you’ll ever serve…promise! So easy, it almost feels like cheating!

Here…see if I’m right…

Easy Ham Roast Instructions (it’s called a ham roast because it’s not a whole ham.)

1.    Unwrap ham and place in crockpot, fat side up. You don’t even have to thaw it.

2.    Add an inch or so of water, cover and cook on low overnight or all day (6-7 hours for a 3-4 pound ham, about 8 hours for a 5-6 pound one). You could also bake the ham in the oven if you prefer…250 for 6-8 hours.  Low and slow is always best for pastured meats!

3.    Remove from crockpot, let sit for about 10 minutes, and slice (easiest with an electric knife).


That’s it! Christmas dinner can’t get any easier!


These hams are very tasty as is, but you can try any of these ideas (or a combination of them) for a festive touch:

*Use cider, apple juice (or other juice of your choice) instead of water

*Stick a few whole cloves into the fat while cooking

*Drizzle with honey or Elm Run Farms pure maple syrup

*Put a few pineapple rings on top of the ham while it cooks

*Add some dry mustard, ginger, or seasoning of your choice


Now you’re free to focus on the rest of your menu. Or if others are bringing food, too, just enjoy your family and friends!

Have a Blessed Christmas!

Sandy ResslerComment